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Out & About
Everything Mom tried to do this week was cancelled due to the weather, so I hauled her out with me to a new gaming night, near us on Fridays. She got through the games better than we'd hoped, inc. "The Simpsons: Clue', which isn't exactly standard fare at gaming. The owner of the Simpsons games was tickled to get to play them for a change. Everyone was having a blast and a lot of laughs, and the hosts couldn't have picked better food for Mom if I'd sent them an advance menu. Might be able to get her to go back, fingers crossed.

Then today I finally got back to the gym, did the grocery shopping, renewed prescriptions, picked up some new computer doodads for the new computer, unboxed the new compie and installed said doodads, and did some windup work on the old computer. TV time now, phew.


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