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Countdown to Farpoint
But I'm not excited about it. Several of the folk I look forward to seeing there aren't coming, it looks like the USS Chesapeake gang aren't having their party, and the schedule is carefully laid out so that I have nothing to go to half the time, but the time slots aren't big enough to game during then. Oh yeah, and I'm exhausted, and haven't slept in two days. Spiffy.

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Sorry! If it didn't involved a 2 hr+ drive each way and a hotel I would have probably kept it on the schedule..

That does remind me, though, there will be a mini-gaming con next month in Delaware, DE-Rail. Both fee and hotel are very reasonable, or it can be done as a day trip. LMK if you want more info on it.

This intrigues me. Tell me more.


It was just announced a few days ago, so this is all we have right now. The hotel's AAA rate is $54 a night, so very reasonable. I'm definitely going Saturday, probably will stay for the whole thing and just park myself at Group 1. You know how I like my TTR :)

Yeah. Not sure an all-train-game event is for me, but I will keep it in mind..

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