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Still No Games
Checking In
Nope, the only game that was played that I could theoretically have been in, started while I was at the Dr Who panel. Ironically enough I bailed early on said panel, because the panel was sharing a temporary wall with what appeared to be a child care facility. The kids were pounding on the wall, banging it into me; and we won't get started on the noise. I couldn't hear the moderators. After half an hour of that I couldn't take it anymore, and went to Tahmoh's panel. He has a nice voice. Very soothing. I needed that right then.

Otherwise, just panels, meeting Tahmoh (nice fellow) and chatting. Not a lot going on tomorrow either. I have some bids on art/charity items and a couple of my pieces have minimum bids on them, so I'll be back for at least a bit tomorrow.

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No offense to Chris but unless GCOM or someone gets more involved sounds like I'll be absent from Farpoint for a while unless its a guess I can't miss...

Dunno about Farpoint, but GCOM is stepping up the involvement at Balticon. The plan as laid out by Donna involves having actual panel discussions about gaming, and separate gaming rooms for miniature and role-playing games vis-a-vis board, card & strategy games. The latter plan will depend on getting the additional room, but apparently it was offered to them before they asked.

Yeah but Balticon doesn't really work for me schedule wise. I'll consider it tho.

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