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Speculation Pt 1: NCIS
I've only watched this week's ep of NCIS, 'Kill Screen', once - I'm WAY behind on show watching - and I definitely want to see that one again, sooner rather than later. And not just because I'd love to watch Gibbs assault computers over and over. More because it's McGee-centric. Except it's the third McGee-centric ep in a row. Which leads me to speculating...

Three McGee eps in a row? Really?
McGee finally has a possible girlfriend? Really?
McGee wants to lead his own team someday? Really?
These are all things that happen to tv characters when they're being written out of a show. :/
Throw in that Sean Murray was the last cast member to sign a contract - the equivalent of missing training camp - and it's my understanding he only signed a one year contract, I have to think he's being written out of the show.
And let's face it, NCIS doesn't write characters out by reassigning them.

My conclusion: McGee is doomed. In the next few eps, I expect. Durnit. Not my favorite character! Noooooooo! 

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According to the ep description, a new Special Agent is being introduced next week too. Female..

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