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It's Not About The Budget
Just Balancing The Budget - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

It's not even just about busting the unions. Gah.

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Absolutely disgusting, I don't understand the American system of tagging extra addendums such as his to other bills.

Whether you agree with the addendum (and in this case I most strongly do not) or not it has nothing to do with budgets.

This approach always strikes me as weak and cowardly as if the people adding the addendum are too scared they can't pass it on its own. If they really believe they're right why are they to small minded to debate it in open session as a bill in its own right?

They pull stunts like this because they know darn well they can't pass something like this on its own merits. The only way they can do it is to attach it to something else and hope no one notices. Fortunately in Maryland you can't attach anything to a bill unless it's directly related to that bill, but many states and the federal government do allow these shenanigans.

And apparently no one did notice, this bill passed the Ohio Senate last night. Gack.

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