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Or Not My Next Dog
I went to the rescue event today to see the puppy and his sisters. They're totally adorable, but they are not border collies. Might be collie collie, but I think they have husky in them. And if the paws are any indication, they'll turn out husky-sized. Many practical reasons for not getting one of them. But darn they're cute. I also met some other dogs, and I liked Lance in particular, one decidedly over-sized Pomeranian (about 25 pounds) but cute and friendly as heck.

Then we went to Wegman's, which we don't do much, and got a reminder of why we don't. It was sheer chaos in there. Managed to score some first rate sushi, but the place is just too crazy. Now home for television time, I have not seen a single Oscar-nominated movie this year but I did manage to record one of the Documentary nominations, 'Paradise Lost: Purgatory', so off we go.
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