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Mom and Dogs
Checking In
We had a professional trainer/behaviorist come over last night for a consult. Interestingly, after the initial outrage (there is a stranger in our house!) CJ was fine with the trainer and even gave her face licks. It was Roxie who wanted nothing to do with her and wouldn't even accept treats. Anyway, the bottom line is going to be expensive. DAP & thundershirts for both dogs, at least one gate in the house (an extra layer of security against both being loose at once) and training, probably once a week but we were so tired after a 3 hour consult we weren't up to discussing it. And then Mom demonstrated she no longer knows how to write a check. Meep.

Then today she called me at work because she doesn't know if she paid property taxes last year. (I paid them online.) I told her I'd paid them in July and had given her the invoice with the date of payment noted on it for her to put in her records. Oh, was I suppose to keep that? she says. *headdesk* Well, I thought, I can at least get the amount off her bank statement. You guessed it - she threw those out as well, after I specifically told her to keep them in the file box I bought and organized specifically for important papers. I guess it's time for that box to become MY box and for ME to keep everything and not let her have anything if she's just going to toss important stuff. For an encore, due to the switch from Wachovia to Wells Fargo, her bank statements aren't online anymore. I can't get them back online unless I sign an agreement that from now on her statements will only be online, which both sounds wrong to me and will not go over well with Mom, who has no concept of anything not on paper. Blecch. Fortunately my brother now agrees it's time for me to completely take over day-to-day bills and paperwork, not just supervise it, and is willing to set up an appointment with an elder care attorney.

I really need a nap. 


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