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Pet Expo Day
How Nice
Well, that was different. Usually I either go to these things alone (and I spend hours, take a ton of photos and buy more than I probably should) or with Mom, where we don't make it through the whole expo. Today Mom and I went with my buds Jim and Jeff, who were new to this whole thing and forgot to bring their dog. That was a good move, it turned out, because the place was both packed and a madhouse of dogs. Not much non-dog this year, in fact, the petting zoo shrank and didn't include ponies, cows or alpacas, the only small rodent I laid eyes on was sugar gliders (barely), the reptile section shrank, no mini horses this time and there was a whopping 1 ferret present. There was, however, a 23 pound rabbit. Meep.

It was also a good thing there weren't that many critters for me to photograph, because the guys were perpetually on the move. They rarely gave anything much more than a glance and unlike Mom, didn't stop to visit every dog on the way. The guys did want to check out Dock Dogs (they concluded their Dobie would never pass muster at it) and agility trials (they're giving some thought to trying that one.) We found watching the handlers walking the course to be most amusing, I dubbed it a disorganized flash mob and Jeff declared it Zombieville.

JasmineJasmine, a long haired chihuahua. Chihuahuas and golden retrievers ruled the place.
KangaThe wild animal display featured baboons (too far away for pics) and a kangaroo in repose.
macawThis guy is brightly colored. His neighbor was a good dancer, but that made for blurry photos.
PoopedAnd in the end, even the fans are dog-tired.


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