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How Bizarre, Christmas A Week Early
The family is going to Maine for Christmas, so they came down to our place today to have our traditional Christmas Eve...on Dec 18th. It was wacky, as both boys were smart-alecky/cranky and Mom got half her gifts erroneously tagged, and I took over full responsibility for the stockings this year. Naturally, the boys were unhappy with the last two, fighting over the gifts and complaining because I gave them traditional Christmas oranges in the stockings. But I stocked them up with Star Wars stuff so after a while they got over it. There were no surprises amongst the adults - I now have the complete '10 Days In..." game series, the last season of Lost, the first season of In Plain Sight, the Jayhawks' first and long out-of-print first album, the new Fitz & the Tantrums CD, and playing card holders, which hopefully will ease things for my hands somewhat. Mom received a whole bunch of blankets, warm socks, jackets, flannel PJs, etc so she should be well-insulated this winter. We had dinner created for us by Safeway and we needed only to heat everything; everything was good to very good, and the turkey was terrific, so success on that count.

And now, we're pooped.