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I Hate Computers
The darn thing is driving me nuts. First the wireless keyboard & mouse stopped working. I've tried every suggestion I found online (changing batteries, reinstalling software, unplugging, rebooting computer, etc) and they just plain won't work. If it were one or the other I'd think it was the gadget, but both?

Then Mom's favorite software died. It just goes into thinking mode and not even Task Manager can shut it off; I have to shut off the computer entirely to stop it. I tried reinstalling that and the same thing happened.

So I spent the last couple hours trying to fix all this (defrag, spyware scan, virus scan, malware scan, empty recycle bin, et al) and neither of them are responding. These are both programs that worked one moment and died the next for no apparent reason. Gag. And in my attempts to fix them, my backup drive and ITunes library both disappeared.

Really aggravated...


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