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Ray Rice
I seem to have done reasonably well fantasy-wise, as I went 3 for 4 and I'm pretty sure no one outside Seattle picked that game right. The Ravens snapped out of their recent funk halfway through the game and turned it into a laugher. Meanwhile, Michael Vick goes home. Can't complaint about that outcome. On the other hand, the Ravens now get the Squealers - yippee - and the game will be starting while I'm at Dave's funeral. Swell.

Watched most of the football from Alphabet Soup, where I played my worst game of TTR ever (I refused to let them score me, as I was in negatives) and finally learned Alhambra (8 months after I asked to learn it) and Ra - Dice. Those games seem to have some possibilities. And with the Ravens on Saturday, I'm clear to game Sunday without distractions.


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