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Computer Issues Multiply
Yep, the computer was fine when I went to bed last night. This morning, nothing would wake it. I'm not sure whether it has rejected the PS/2 mouse and keyboard (after rejecting the wireless set) and thus is receiving no input to wake it, or if the monitor is not working, as I couldn't get a response from that either. Unplugging both had no effect, and I had to get to work. Borrowing a monitor from the office to test that aspect, and I'll try the netbook's mouse. But I get a bad feeling I'll have to get another computer, and the money just isn't there for that. Fortunately, all of my content is backed up, so if the computer is completely toast now I'll only lose downloaded software. Eesh.

ETA The work monitor had no luck either. I unplugged everything for several minutes and tried again - this time the work monitor did give me a screen. So I tried to back up the downloaded software. Halfway through, the entire computer shut down and restarted of its own accord. I'm of a mind the computer is dying.


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