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Right. Still here.
Checking In
Busy, busy days for tired, tired me. I hate shovelling snow. I hate neighbors who shovel their snow at 2am. I've about had it with all these debtors who are convinced they have a consitutional right to not make their car payments, but can still keep the car. I made it to gaming last night, where the professional computer types conferred and concluded that my computer's motherboard is failing. Not surprised but didn't really want to hear that, either. I do want my mother to just let me pay the bills already, as she's a disaster in progress when it comes to her checkbook and the bills (she didn't pay the phone/cable bill for several months; I got that fixed hours before we would have been cut off.)

And now I find I'm not a Sagittarius after all. (Those who have experienced my stubborness will beg to differ with the astrologers on this point.) Evidently I am in fact a Scorpio. Whoopee.


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