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Another Day, Another Funeral
After an hour of scraping/shovelling/clearing off ice, I took Mom to Art's funeral this morning, although we didn't stay for the actual service. We went for the 'gathering of friends' part of the program to say hi to those we knew and meet some of Janine's family that we hadn't before. That included 3 week old Elizabeth, whom her great-grandfather only met once but he did get to see her. Mostly, though, I babysat the young 'uns and did an architectural tour with them through the chapel. It was a huge, almost entirely marble chapel with detailed mosaics everywhere, both depictions and trims, and lots of stained glass, pillars, carvings, etc. Quite an awesome building from an art/design POV. The priest said it took 8 years to build it (I asked, I was curious how much it cost as well but I'm not THAT blunt) mostly during WWI. The Germans sank the first shipment of marble and they couldn't get a second until the war was over. He also told me the Baltimore Colts practiced on the grounds in the 70's. Interesting place. Meanwhile, Mom was even less interested in attending a 90 minute mass/service than I was, so we left when it started. And off to work with me.


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