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Git 'er Done Day
So far I have, in addition to normal things:

Straightened out a billing dispute with my mother's health insurance
Cut Roxie's nails
Went to Best Buy and scouted out computers
While there, managed to talk Mom into finally getting a flat screen HDTV for her bedroom (19" w/ DVD)
Went to the library and returned many things before borrowing 3 dozen more CDs
Did the grocery shopping
Stopped by a liquor store (!) and bought a bottle of Crown Royale (!!) because I want the bag for the tiles in my new Carcassonne set
Got everything inside

Plans for the evening include putting away laundry, cutting CJ's nails, giving her a bath, and setting up the new TV.

Yup. Gittin' er done.

ETA: CJ bathed, new TV up & running. Time for the original True Grit.


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