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Computers. Blecch.
The work compie was acting up all day until it completely crashed. Seems it had a malware issue of unknown origin. After multiple scans, we still haven't found the culprit. Couldn't get much done this afternoon and had an ticked off office manager as a result.

Go to the gym. The FitLinxx system hasn't recorded my last couple of workouts, it wouldn't register today's, and I had a time getting it to take manual entries.

Come home. The new compie is generally decent, WAY faster than the old one, but it's objecting to a couple of the external drives for unknown reasons (they were fine this morning), it doesn't want to import my internet favorites, it accepts the wireless keyboard but not the wireless mouse, and while Norton told me last spring I can install it on 3 computers, now it's saying just one and therefore, not the new one.

I hate technology.


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