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Best In Show
OK, so I'm a day behind on the Westminster Show and it was impossible to not know which dog won. But I'm quite fond of Working & Sporting dogs, loved seeing those groups, and I swear I've met the handler of the BiS Deerhound and quite possibly Hickory herself before. There can't have been that many deerhounds I've run across, and Hickory's based less than an hour from where I usually go to see shows, so I probably have met Hickory before. I love watching her trot along, she looks like she's barely putting in effort but boy does she cover ground.

Now, how to catch up on television missed for the show when I also have Farpoint this weekend...

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Skipping Farpoint this year...

That said, I know you watch NCIS and I assume you watch Leverage. You saw the coming next week, right???

You're not coming either? Sheesh. There seems to be a serious dearth of people I hang with this year :(

Yep, I saw the promo. Much as I want McGee to finally get a girlfriend who isn't criminal, psycho or doomed, I'm not sure about this.

The guests didn't thrill me and we have an expensive vacation planned this year, AND a new wifemobile so had to cut back a bit. Plus, without Hal and crew gaming last year was all miniatures all the time and that was my main draw there. Give me a report from gaming this year..

And I know, McGees luck with women... Heck see this past week. I don't think they are setting it up that way though.

Even still, McGee Parker would be awesome (of course she is not playing Parker)

I think it was Shore Leave where the miniatures took precedence - I seem to recall a lot of Ticket, Dominion & Carcassonne at Farpoint. But I get the big vacation thing. I think. What is a vacation?

The Dominion was mostly you and I dear. But Shore Leave was miniatures heavy as well. But with Eddie McLintock coming, I won't miss that!

I take it Eddie was just added? I was thinking I might not even do SL, but Eddie and Tricia would be a big upgrade in my interest.

The SL guest list is a good one, with Chris Judge, Tricia and Eddie, with John De Lancie for good measure?

Chris and Tricia have both been to SL before, in the last few years. But I hadn't drawn Tricia yet when she was there before, so that works for me.

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