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Home From Farpoint
oh really

Yes, already. After 8, the only possibilities were gaming, and the Chesapeake's party at 10. The game room consisted of a beading workshop and Axis & Allies. No one there interested in any board games. For that matter, there were a whopping 4 games in the room I know how to play. And I'm beat, so I decided against doing nothing for 2 hours and went home. I figure I can watch Supernatural and get to bed at a reasonable hour, which gives me a fighting chance for tomorrow.

But honestly, I'm really not feeling it. Probably just a couple panels tomorrow, Trivial Pursuit with tiggerallyn and anyone we can recruit, and that's it. Well, I should get an autograph from Tahmoh Penikett at some point. He is hot, after all.

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Sadly, that's what I was afraid of. Without the usual crew there haven't really been anyone bringing or teaching new games...

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