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Convention Over
Checking In
And yes, still no games. I was asked once to play, but I was asked 30 minutes before a panel so that took care of that. Also lost all but one of my auction bids in the charity and art auctions, sold only 4 prints, all at the minimum bid (and I lowered my minimums for the show) and some things I wanted at the dealers room didn't last until today. Yippee. On the other hand, had a very nice chat with Tahmoh, met Bonita Friedericy and caught some of her panel, which was a laugh riot, and I'll need a brain eraser after some of the...discussions...about Supernatural.

For an encore, the Office Depot by the hotel did not have the onsale item I wanted in stock and the traffic from the con to home was horrific. All in all, this year's Farpoint was underwhelming. Jeff & Terri, you didn't miss much.

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I did end up driving to Baltimore anyway, had to go down and back to the cruise terminal to pick up my in-laws...

Sadly sounds like that may have been more fun.

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