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Speculation Pt 2: Haven
A part 1 of course means a part 2. And I've got some spitballing to do regarding Haven.

The season ended over 4 months ago, so I don't think spoiler space is warranted. If you think it is, stop now.


First off, I have no idea/have not been spitballing the following:
1. What, exactly, the Troubles are.
2. Why they seem to be on a generational schedule (other than because Haven is based on a Stephen King story, and King does like his generational creepies)
3. What the deal is with the tattoo people.

What I have been pondering is Audreys, both real and not so much. The Audrey Parker who showed up in the final moments of the season? I figure that's the REAL Audrey Parker. The one we've come to know and love? She's Lily and Audrey...plus however many previous incarnations she's had. See, I figure if the Troubles are a generational thing, reappearing every 25 years or so, then their counterpart - Lilyplus - must also be generational. The reappearance of the Troubles triggers the reappearance of Lilyplus. Lilyplus balances out the Troubles until they are suppressed/disappear/what have you, then she also disappears. I'm thinking some form of hibernation.

When the Troubles turned up in the 80s, so did Lilyplus. When the Troubles were defeated, Lilyplus probably arranged her hibernation with Chief Wuornos and FBI agent Howard. Howard would take Lilyplus away from Haven and stow her away until Chief Wuornos contacted Howard to say the Troubles are back. Meanwhile Howard had selected an FBI agent of the right age/physically similar to Lilyplus - Audrey Parker - and followed her career in detail. When Lilyplus was activated, Howard planted false memories of her childhood and memories of the FBI work 'Audrey' had done. Then he sent her to Haven, which is where we come in. Something similar to this - an outsider protects the force of good until the Troubles appear, then activates her and sends her to Haven. When the Troubles are gone, she is sent away with a new outsider. The Troubles aren't able to find her in between episodes since she isn't around Haven.

And oh yeah, a lot of the Haven residents - including Duke, Dave & Vince, and Eleanor - recognized Audrey as being the same person as Lily. The older residents know what she's there to do, and are keeping their lips sealed, for the protection of Lilyplus and the town. Duke doesn't fully understand how Lily and Audrey are the same person, but he's intrigued by her and wants to learn what's going on.

And there are my thinky-thoughts for the day.


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