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Tomorrow is Gonna Hurt
Checking In
Been busy today - went to the gym, trimmed Roxie's nails and gave her a bath, continued the cleaning project in my bedroom (including hauling a half dozen heavy crates down the stairs), took out a ton of trash, and vacuumed the entire upstairs. The hands, knees and shoulders are already achy breaky and I hate to think what it'll be like tomorrow. Meanwhile, I took the Mazda to the garage for an oil change...and got hit with an $1,100 shock and strut job. Which left me begging Mom for money, since that bill is oh, about 10% of my annual take home pay. The only bright side is the new stuff is lifetime-guaranteed, so I don't have to fork over $700 for struts again. But right now, ouch. 
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Ouch that bill hurts. I always wonder about lifetime guarantees, I picture the thing breaking next week and me going back only to have them explain they meant the life of the item, which was obviously less than a week :(

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