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No I'm Not Dead Yet
Checking In
But I am worn out, sore all over and tired of waiting for surgery day. I'm rather looking forward to the surgery because a) at least 3 days off work, maybe more and b) painkillers. My back & shoulders need the painkillers more than my hand at this point. All of me needs some time off. The more the better.

I also need combat pay for yesterday's gaming. Three straight games with the host's sister, who is...very weird and hard to deal with. And the first two games we were supposed to be teaching her the games. I finally get out of playing with her and wind up playing three straight games with someone even more difficult to deal with, because she's slow playing, stubborn as hell and absolutely must have her own way at all times. The host pointed out to me later that I'd only played two games with the second person. Well, it sure FELT like three games...


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