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31 Days of Oscar Pt 2
Round 2 of movies before I become one-handed...

Silkwood: This one jumped the queue due to its timeliness, although it turned out to not actually have much to do with nuclear power plants, rather the factory in question made parts for power plants. And I didn't really see how what Silkwood was up to helped anything other than the union. I do think she was murdered, though, given the timing of her 'accident'. The acting was first rate, the writing a little vague, but my overwhelming impression from the film is that I never want to live in Oklahoma. Maybe not even visit. What a dusty and dull place.

The Thin Man: Made in 1934, I think this is the oldest film I've ever seen (at least 3 still on the DVR are older, however). What surprised me was how modern it seemed in many ways. Multiple characters were divorced but no one seemed to have a second thought about it. Aside from the twin beds (required for another 30 years after) Nick and Nora seemed like a partnership and very near to equals, certainly for that era. And of course Asta was adorable :) The mystery itself had me thoroughly confused - too many people, all dressed alike, I couldn't keep track. Cute movie.

The Wild Bunch: In 1969, this movie was rated R. In 1993, after 20+ years of graphic violence in film, it received an NC-17 rating for violence. (Personally, and knowing Americans and their weirdness, I think the baby nursing probably was the ratings issue.)  It was indeed very violent, but in this decade the violence is nothing special. It was interesting how 'Wild Bunch' is clearly a direct descendant of one of Pt 1's films, 'The Dirty Dozen' - Peckinpah was inspired by that film and signed on several actors because of it. He probably figured the acceptance of that film meant Wild Bunch had a 'shot', so to speak. But now it's just a stock Western.


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