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A Reminder
I have surgery in about 2 hours. They're doing a synovectomy on my right index finger. What I was told initially is that my hand will be in a cast for several days, so typing will be difficult at best. I probably won't be posting at least until the cast is off, and maybe not then, depending on how much my hand hurts.

So, to all: Let's be careful out there!
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Take care, and hope everything goes well!

Take care and make sure to find out exactly what kind of rehab you can do and start as soon as possible!

Get better quickly!!!


I hope all goes well! Heal quickly!

took longer than thought but doc only found inflammation and degenerating synovia. came out of anesthesia lucid and fast. mom is a mess, though, and the block is wearing off. i have an owie. add t-storms, fun night.

I haven't been on LJ and just saw this but I hope it went well and that you're healing up. Get well soon.

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