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Somewhat More Positively...
We went grocery shopping today and Ben & Jerry's have put out 3 new flavors. Red Velvet Cake, of course, and a Bonnaroo thing, but the one that got my attention - and not for the contents - was 'Clusterfluff'. Pushing propriety just a touch here guys?

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Clusterfluff was tasty, but too much PB for me :)

Late Night Snack was interesting, salty and sweet.

Haven't tried Red Velvet Cake, but the Bonnaroo looks fantastic.

Nothing so far has topped Phish Food, though.

Haven't seen Late Night Snack as yet. I'm pondering the Bonnaroo, some things I like but some I'm more meh on. Clusterfluff - for whatever reason, as much as I love ice cream, I cannot stand having peanut butter in ice cream. So not trying it.

The new Haagen Daaz flavors, on the other hand, universally rock. :)

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