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I Went to the Mall. Yes, Really.
oh really
I honestly can't remember the last time I set foot in a shopping mall. And I'm sure when I did, it was a local mall where the eyeglass shop was open on holidays and thus able to repair my frames on Thanksgiving. I really don't like malls.

But today I went. I was instructed that what my younger nephew Jeff really, really wanted for his birthday was Star Wars Legos. Except his mother has no idea which ones he does or doesn't have, and I only had a week to come up with something. My PT rescued me by suggesting 'The Lego Shop' at Arundel Mills. I had no idea there was such a thing. So after a few laps around the mall (theappropriate  entrance number was obscured, so I went right past it) I found the right section and found the store. Packed tight with under-10s. The clerk asked if I wanted to join the 'Lego Club', I told him I hadn't been in a mall in over 5 years. He put me down as a 'no'.

But in any event I now have a Tri-Fighter or something or other, with a gift receipt just in case. The kid better like it - I went to a mall for him!


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