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Wait, Wait, Who?
Less than 24 hours til Wait Wait, and I'm fairly stumped as to who the guest will be. They don't put it on the show's web site, but it's usually a local person with some national status. They've already had Mike Rowe, Cal Ripken Jr, John Waters, Laura Lippman and last week((!) they had David Simon. I can't imagine Will Smith doing something like this, probably not Jada Pinkett either. Molly thinks perhaps Ray Lewis, and the only other people I can think of would be John Astin or Ace 'Duff' Goldman. And yes, I want to know who'll be there for autograph purposes!

Less worried about the Wait Wait gang themselves, I'm sure there'll be programs or books for purchase & signing.

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I hope you have a great time. I got to see it years ago in Akron and it was lots of fun. All of the panelists and Carl and Peter signed afterward. I don't remember if the guest did but they might have called in. Hope it's someone cool from Baltimore.

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