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Game Days Are Over
Somehow I managed to not play any new games all weekend, although I did play a few games that I hadn't played in some time and needed a refresher. Won 7 Wonders & Ra Dice for the first time each, and did very well in the silent auction, scooping up 4 games for well under retail (was overcharged for one game, but didn't feel it was worth arguing over.) Picked up Bohnanza, Ra, Settlers of America: Trails to Rails and a Lord of the Rings game. Bought a Fluxx game and a set of purple meeples for Carcassonne.

I caused a lot of trouble in Chili's by asking the bartender if she could put on the sound for the Kentucky Derby. There were 30 people in the bar watching the race, and one guy watching the Memphis/OK City basketball game. Yep, that guy had a full blown cow. Figures.

Trying to get caught up on television now, hoping I can get to Supernatural and Doctor Who tonight but it'll be tight time-wise.


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