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Phones. I Hate Phones.
The office phones have flipped their collective lid the last two days. Every five minutes yesterday, an alarm code was sent to my phone by the system, which disabled ALL the phones and the fax and cut off any calls in progress, nor could we call out for over a minute after each alarm. After my supervisor spent an hour on her cell phone trying to get Verizon on the phone, she never did get help and the phones started cooperating again of their own accord.

Today, the phones have been doing the same thing at a MAX interval of five minutes. More often, they're doing them every 10 seconds 4-5 times, wait a minute or two, then do it again. Every time I have to clear the alarm codes from the system, record the code and the time, and turn around and do the next one immediately. Verizon was a buttpain again, but we finally convinced them something's wrong. We're supposed to get a tech later today. Can't come soon enough.


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