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Random Political Shots, With Funnies

There will be funnies at the end, promise.

There is word that Texas governor Rick Perry is thinking of running for President. Leaving aside the right wing wingnut aspect, there's also the small matter of Perry leading a movement for Texas to secede from the US a couple years back. Somehow I don't think secession plays as well outside Texas as in. Then again, the campaign slogan writes itself. 'Rick Perry for America: Leave It or Lead It'

I nearly had a coronary on the way to work today when I passed a John McCain campaign event. Yes, a McCain event, in Maryland, right down to the Straight Talk Express bus. Fortunately, I realized not too long after - HBO is filming 'Game Change', a TV movie about McCain & Palin, in Baltimore. It was a film set. Phew. Although now I think I should go back and see if I can't snag some autographs...

As promised, funnies:

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Regarding Perry: Texas needs to just secede. Then he can be president of Texas all he wants.

Maybe Texas could take Arizona and a few Deep South states with it...

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