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The 42 Wonders of Balticon
Checking In
It may have been Balticon 45, but it turned into 42 wonders for me - Saturday and Sunday, all I got to do gaming wise was play 7 Wonders 6 times. And teach it all 6 times. Got into some other games, with folks who knew how to play, on Monday. But mostly worked all weekend. We were short volunteers again and even when we had them, I was often the only one trained to use the cash register. Only one around for hanging art Friday as well, and I was the one who was stuck with both the artist having a hissy fit because he didn't like how the ASD resolved a problem with sexually explicit art and with the 'volunteer' who didn't work, did try to steal two pieces of art and then whipped up her shirt to show me her tits. Didn't work. Still made her pay. Scary stuff.

Plenty of quality time with non-scary people though, met plenty of new ones including some cool gamers, and I accidentally had dinner with Steve Geppi. Yes, the comic book distributor/museum owner/part owner of the Baltimore Orioles Steve Geppi. Might tell that story some day...


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