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Brief Comments on Recent TV
Not a whole lot of spoilers, but just in case.

Doctor Who:
Time travel makes my head hurt. Just saying.

Interspecies lesbian Victorian crime fighters = Capt Jack Harkness' personal heaven?

Oh, and between the above and River in 19th century dress - can Moffat fanservice steampunkers some more?

Rory rocks as the Centurion. In a very geeky way.

The Killing:
That was...odd. Only 3 characters even appeared in the ep and one only briefly; the murder of Rosie Larsen matters only in the opening scene and the closing. The rest is...character development, yes, but development entirely outside the series and the plotline. I haven't yet decided if the ep was brilliant or asinine.

Game of Thrones:
We finally (briefly) see Rickon and the little guy hits it out of the park with three words. Poor little guy. And I think he's right.

After 7 eps, we finally get one that isn't, er, top-heavy with boobage. Not a single bit of female nudity in fact. But we get the full frontal male. And I don't need to see that full frontal male again, thanks.

"Bronn, son of..." "You never heard of him." Snerk.

Throughout the King's Court scene, it seems to me Lena Headey was having bad gas pains. Could just be me.

Daenerys has a tan. Good for her.

"Stick your cock in something else." Snerk.

In all the times we've ever heard 'I'll rip/tear out your tongue', did we ever imagine it done quite that way? Meep.

Hasn't a Dothraki ever gotten a cut before? Sheesh.

Lastly...methinks Robb Stark is merciful like a fox? He lets the scout go, with the message that 20K Northmen are coming over the river. Anyone else think those 20K Northmen will be coming from any direction but the river?

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I have just signed on to blog about Game of Thrones.
Yes I loved that "Bronn son of......."thing.

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