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How Long?
I don't like long games. 60-90 minutes is about right for me. So today I played two games. They took 7 hours. Both games involved teaching (I had to learn the second one) but I don't think knowing the games was going to shave much time off them, esp the 2nd. Both were based on Settlers of Catan, one being Trails to Rails and the one I learned being Starfarers of Catan. I hope I don't get too fond of these!

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You now know why I shudder when someone says lets play Settlers!

True, but regular Settlers fits in my 60-90 category. Played it in 20 minutes once, in fact, in a tournament no less. We got whipped by a kid.

For some reason I have never had a Settlers game come in under 3 hours...

Clearly, you're doing it wrong :)

I know Donna's coming to Shore Leave on Saturday - shall we set a Settlers date?

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