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Whole Lotta Telly
And still a show short of being caught up, much less getting started on the movies occupying the DVR.

White Collar - the dead guy? Waaaayyy too much time on his hands. Good to see Satchmo finally get some screentime!

Luther - Not Ripley! Nooooo! I do wish I understood half of what was being said though. Dying to know what was in the apple.

In Plain Sight - Uhhhhhhh...jump the shark much? I mean, really, pregnant? Please.

Law & Order CI - Steven Weber must be really hard up for cash. That's all I'm saying.

The Killing - All that and it really WAS Richmond? Sheesh. Most lovely to see Tahmoh. He doesn't seem to be nearly as awful as Linden thinks he is.

Treme - That Del, he does know how to manipulate his Daddy. Meanwhile, Janette's chef has got to the best boss in history. I fear for LaDonna's marriage.

Game of Thrones - I think my mother landed the best line of the night. At the end, when Ned met his end...she turned to me, puzzled, and said "I thought he was supposed to be the star?" Heh heh. I dunno about star but his death is going to be the catalyst for just about everything, methinks. But did they have to kill another horse? They're trying to send me packing, I swear.

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I thought it was slightly disappointing.
I thought we were building up to a massive battle scene but just like Tyrion we didnt really know anything about it until it was all over. I felt cheated.
And yes I agree on the horse.

I didn't feel cheated by the lack of battle, partly because there was a lack of battle (Tyrion's group didn't have much TO battle) and because I know the lack of battle scenes was almost surely budgetary.

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