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Odd, I Feel Like Tyrion Lannister
Checking In

Today I:
  • finally finished sorting and putting away my papers
  • carried 4 crates of stuff upstairs
  • stripped and remade the bed
  • did 2 loads of laundry
  • broke down CJ's old crate
  • set up her new crate
  • renewed her license
  • took CDs back to the library
  • burned DVDs
  • sorted and put away already done DVDs
  • repaired a painting on the wall that had slipped its frame
  • did the grocery shopping (did you know they make banana soda?)
  • finally watched a movie on the DVR (even as I added 2 more, of course)
For the record, the movie was 'The Lovely Bones', so now I know what Peter Jackson & Richard Taylor think the afterlife looks like. Creative fellows, they are. Also, my hand, my shoulder and my back are killing me. I hate to think what I'll feel like tomorrow.


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