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Finales & Such
In Plain Sight - the show's been slipping the last season or two, but criminy they pole-vaulted the shark with this whole pregnancy thing. Totally bizarre decision. Mary is not Mary pregnant, much less with a child.

Game of Thrones - if, like me, you skipped ahead in the book as it were, no surprises here. But Joffrey needs to die. Seriously. I do think Tywin sent Tyrion off to be Joffrey's Hand partly because Tyrion's family, partly because he's finally realized Tyrion's a smart cookie, but mostly because Tywin has figured out that there are exactly two people in the world who have the ability and willingness to exert control over Joffrey without getting killed themselves - Tywin himself and Tyrion. And Tywin has other things to do at the moment, like fight a war. Here's hoping Tyrion can get a handle on Joffrey.

The Killing - Apparently an awful lot of people really hated this finale. I didn't hate it. I had some disappointments - Rosie's brothers and the Bennetts pretty much disappearing, Linden going from 'see the kid again and I'll charge you with kidnapping' to 'hey, spend the day with the kid overnight and with no apparent reason for the change of heart, and most of all Belko's remarkable ability to hear one quick mention of Richmond's arrest on the TV and suddenly have guns, accessories, show up in the right place and time and walk right up to a suspect wtih a gun? Oh, please. But I'm not sorry they arrested Richmond - just because the photos are fake doesn't mean it wasn't Richmond who killed Rosie. And even if he didn't kill her, he did assault the call girl, and he would have killed someone sooner rather than later. He'd done plenty of nasty things that should permanently bar him from office and keep him in prison for years, so no, not sorry. Otherwise I didn't think it was bad at all. Not as good as I hoped for when it all started, but not bad.


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