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Culinary Exploits - Check
Just got home from the annual post-Balticon barbeque and shindig, one of the few occasions of the year on which I try to cook. And this is the first year I tried grilling something, which was good because there were no entree-type dishes brought (you have to bring your own to-grill item, but usually there's fried chicken or communal burgers or suchwise about). I marinated a giant portobello mushroom in a balsamic marinade for a couple hours before I went and grilled that. It turned out awesome. Now I need to find bread and cheese that can match up to the shroom. For all, I tried a receipe for cheese & garlic biscuits, the idea being for something similar to Red Lobster's biscuits (the one thing there I like.) I made a mess and a few of them were burned, but most were fine and they tasted good. At least 20 were eaten and I got some compliments, so they must have turned out. After eating we all sat around and talked about...politics, religion and science fiction. You got it, the last one is the one that got people worked up. Ah, geeks.


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