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Spa Day vs My Car
Mom and I decided to try having a spa day. We went whole hog - facial, body treatment, massage, manicure & pedicure. Mom was ecstatic. I was merely pleased. And wondering if you hear the same couple of Enya songs a couple times a day, every day, do you develop a burning hatred of her? My nails are now a glittery purple and my face feels like it belongs on another person, which is an odd feeling. We dined al fresco afterwards, where Mom was floored when I not only ordered a salad, I ate the whole thing, every last leaf. (Strawberries, pine nuts and goat cheese on a big pile of arugula, with pomegranate vinaigrette. Yummy!)

Catch was that at the same time as the spa day, my car was being worked on two doors down, at a Mazda dealership for a change. The good news: they came up with a completely new reason for the 'check engine' light and it was covered under warranty. The bad news: the other two problems came with the same solution - 4 new tires. Yikes. Throw in the diagnostic fee (tires are not under warranty) and alignment and yowch! Just to round it out, they couldn't finish the car in time today, so they loaned me a Camry. Very nice car. Rides beautifully. They need my insurance card for it. Couldn't find the card. Just scan it and e-mail it to us when you get home. OK. Get home. Scanner is not plugged in to the computer or the electric. Struggle to do those things. Computer doesn't see scanner. Check. My scanner is not compatible with Windows 7 and HP has no intentions of ever making it so. Blast it. I need a new scanner on top of the tires. Spiffy, just spiffy.


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