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One Long Weekend, Over
Checking In
Started the weekend with some social stuff, gaming both Friday & Saturday, but yesterday and today were pretty much lie around the house time. Did do some shopping and drove around trying to look at houses (didn't see any of the ones I wanted to, but saw plenty of others and had a staring contest with two fawns) on Sunday, and today both dogs were bathed, to their consternation. Also knocked out a few more movies from the DVR - 'Where The Wild Things Are' nearly put me to sleep, 'Magnolia' might have done same if not for the Aimee Mann tunes.

Mostly, though, I wanted to sleep this weekend. And I haven't. Can't get to sleep for the life of me (fireworks do not help, nor do violent thunderstorms or whiny dogs) and if I do, something wakes me up again shortly after. Three days of intermittent naps don't do the job. And I have 8am PT tomorrow. Joy.


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