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On Being A Paying Customer at Shore Leave
That is, as opposed to being a volunteer/staff member attached to the art show. So far, the biggest difference is I worked all day at the day job (yuck) and snuck up back roads trying to dodge rain and traffic to get to the con in time for panels. I used to do that on Thursday, so I could help set up the show. Then take off Friday from the day job and work at SL all day. And, apparently, at least a couple of people showed up at the art show looking for me and left not only disappointed, but in one case scolded out the door for having the nerve to ask where I was. I didn't stay long today, besides being worn out, my tummy was distressed all day and the chairs at the con are killing my back. (Took all of 90 minutes for my back to rebel; in that regard, it'll be one long weekend.) But I collected some hugs - which is why I decided to go in spite of all else, I wanted to see my friends daggone it - and hopefully the guests will be worthwhile. And I'm not staying at the hotel. That's a good thing. It flooded last night. Both pools closed indefinitely, an elevator down and apparently a serious mold/mildew/stink issue downstairs and around said elevators. Ah, cons.


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