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Post Shore Leave Time
Checking In
Lots o' panels, some gaming, one autograph line later. My back and shoulders really hated the chairs and I'll be one sore pup tomorrow, but otherwise things went fairly well. Some of the GCOMers stopped by Saturday and Sunday and jslinder was free so some games were played. Got some new buttons, including a custom order for Carcassonne buttons - "Carcassonne: Friendly & Cooperative, MY ASS'. Picked up some photos and an autograph from John deLancie and that was it for spending. I did just the one turn through the autograph line and even that I stalled on, opting for most of tiggerallyn 's Beatles panel and going to the line late. Still had to wait an hour, but it wasn't bad temperature wise and the mood was convivial. Sunday, I stopped by Eddie McClintock's panel, the guy is a total goof. And it turns out he's also an artist, except that because of the hand I wasn't able to draw a picture of him. That would have really started a conversation! Anyway, a pic of Eddie's autograph table, complete with his doodles on the tablecloth, and a shot from his panel.

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Heh, that sign is hilarious. Love him.

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