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This New Torchwood Thing? (no spoilers)
Apparently, I'm not meant to watch it. I don't have Starz, so I need, er, alternative means. I'm not home all weekend so it's Monday before I get to it. Computer issues meant I started it later than I wanted. As soon as it starts, my brother calls and it turns out my mother told him she could babysit when she was committed to something with me, and never bothered telling me any of this stuff. At great length we think we may have straightened it out, except now I have to leave my event early to babysit when I'll almost certainly be too tired to do it.

I turn on Torchwood again and a beyotch of a thunderstorm starts almost immediately. Lost the power and had to restart everything twice. Oh, and Mom has forgotten everything I said about this new TW and I have to repeat myself over and over the whole show. Just spiffy.


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