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Hoo Boy
Bad Day
Went round and round in circles with my mother and brother the other day, because after 3 months of telling her we were going to the gaming picnic this Saturday, she still told my brother we could babysit Saturday. And then she forgot about it and never told me. So now we're doing both - 10am to 6pm at the picnic, leaving that two hours early, drive home and babysit 7pm until sometime Sunday. Great.

Meanwhile, she finally saw her doctor today, with me bugging her to mention what I think is hearing loss and to request anti-depressants, No idea if she did bring up the hearing or the need for Prozac, but apparently they tested her for memory and mental capacity and she royally flunked those tests. They want her to stop driving, which probably is a good idea except that then I'll have to take time off work constantly to take her here or there, which won't do my attempts to try to stay employed any good. Joy.

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Assuming she is over 65 or can be declared disabled, do they offer paratransit where you are??

70 in a couple weeks. We have a 'Mobility' program, but I don't know the details. That's tomorrow's project...after my physical therapy...

My dad used one after his knee surgery. They took him to Doc appts, grocery shopping etc when I or someone else couldn't. Was like $4 per trip in Phila.

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