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Best Day Ever. NOT.
Bad Day
Lessee...I forgot to take my pills. Most of them aren't a problem, but missing pain pills is a biggie and missing my allergy pill is definitely taking a toll. Mom told me on the way out the door I'm supposed to call her doctor. Will get back to that. Went to PT. Turns out I had the wrong time for it, which meant waiting around and then going into work even later. Decided to resolve this by going to Royal Farms and getting coffee for me and donuts for the office. The donuts were misfiled, as it were, so half of them aren't what I thought I was getting; in an attempt to pick it up, I put my thumb through a jelly donut (mess!) and oh yeah, I put them in the box upside down. Only I could screw up donuts.

The coffee was a bad idea because I was supposed to have heat treatments at PT. I think I lost a few pounds of fluid sweating and nearly passed out. Then there was the actual PT, speaking of almost passing out. My stomach still hasn't settled. Went to work and tried to get something from the closet, forgot the door was closed and backed into it. Doorknob to kidney, hard. Owies. When I finally had a chance to get past doing 3 things at once, I called Mom's doctor. She is on vacation. Until August. But I'm supposed to call her. Not sure who screwed that pooch but...fortunately they had another doctor review the notes and call me. There was even more going on than I knew about - they feel she has vision, anxiety and orthopedic issues on top of the rest. She's also supposed to be on six prescriptions - but she's getting only 3. I get to sort that out tonight. On the way back inside the office the door handle caught me...on the same kidney. I have major hurts, in many places. Please tell me it's 5pm...
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