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Oh Great, More Health Issues
So there was that lovely mold issue at the Shore Leave hotel last week? And I wound up coughing all week. Then yesterday I took Mom to look at an open house she admired, and it turns out the owners split in February and the house hasn't been opened since. (I randomly picked some drawers and closets to open and found 4 bottles of wine, a fur coat and a vacuum cleaner. They split in a hurry.) And we beat the realtor there, so the house hadn't even been opened then and the AC wasn't on. Stale, musty, hot as heck and oh yeah, moldy. I was feeling bad before we even finished looking at the house. I nearly passed out driving home and hacked away all night. Then I went to the doctor this morning and darn if they hadn't remodeled the office. New carpet, fresh paint, new furniture. Fumes galore. And I start hacking again.

Great. All I need are allergies and/or asthma.


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