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Holy Crap
I won't complain about the (104 degree) heat here today, because it's better than being in Oslo today. Where things have gone to a whole new level of evil. Terrorism is bad enough when it's random, but how does someone decide blowing away kids is a great idea? A quick route to hell (the real one, not the facsimile outside) to whomever was involved with these attacks.

ETA The shooter was Norwegian. He killed his own country's kids. Timothy McVeigh, anyone? 
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Oh geez...I hadn't heard that he was Norwegian. What a sad story. Such senseless deaths.

Isn't this heat awful? I can't accomplish anything, because every time I leave the house, I just get exhausted. And it isn't exactly cool and comfy in my house, either.

And Norway! Lord, how awful. I was reading on fanficrants and someone wrote and published a fic about it! Gives new meaning to the expression "too soon!" What bad taste.

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