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Planning A Birthday
Mom will be 70 next week. On August 2nd, no less. I've asked her if she ever thought her 70th birthday would be the 'end of days', as it were. She doesn't think it's funny.

Anyway, I've been amassing little things here and there to give her a birthday weekend. Dinner Friday with her favorite gamers and they're making grilled chicken for her. Taking her out to dinner Saturday and I've zeroed in on a new restaurant which features a large rack of roast lamb (her favorite). Got her Season 1 of Royal Pains (she adores the show) and Toy Story 3 (she keeps complaining she hasn't seen it). Got a birthday card decrying 'little mutts that get into your frosting'. Don't ask. But considering her feelings about CJ, it was definitely appropriate!

I was going to round out her weekend by taking her to some open houses. There's a pair of houses she really likes. They're a quarter mile apart. Turns out they're both open on Sunday. Perfect, right? Wrong. They're open completely different times.  And her friends are giving her a party Sunday afternoon, so there's no way to do the second one. Shazbot.


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