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I Slept Through What? AGAIN?
It appears that for the second time in eight months, I slept through a tornado. I can't sleep through the trash men stopping by or CJ's doggie dreamtime, but tornados? No problem.

This one is as yet unconfirmed, but it scooted along a major thoroughfare in North Baltimore, same area but perpendicular to the one that came through last fall, about 1-2 miles south of my house. I had no idea until I drove to work and found myself playing dodge-em tree and trying to negotiate busy intersections with no lights. I mean, NO lights, they were gone. The scary spot was a Catholic school where at least 3 mature oak trees snapped in half and a 4th ripped itself out of the ground entirely. The apartments alongside the school? 2 more mature oaks down, one on their cars. Yikes. How do I not hear this stuff?
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