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The Tiki Bar Is Open
Dr Who
Hoo boy, is it open. We went to a couple of open houses today, of houses I liked online but Mom didn't. Well, in person, she loved both. In particular she loved a house that didn't look like much from the street, but inside, party on dude! The realtor said the owner 'likes to entertain'. No kidding. The house included 7 - yes, 7 - bars, 5 of them wet and two of them full-on tiki style, with signs encouraging patrons to get their rum from 'Cap'n Billy's' (the owner was William). Also a professional poker table, a full-size pool table, an antique victrola and more booze than I could keep track of. And in the storage room, there was, tucked away on a shelf, a large plastic tub labelled 'gorilla suit'. Entertain, indeed.

However, there was also a stone patio and balcony in front, three decks, an enclosed two story sunroom and a huge stone patio with a waterfall and a pool in the back. Mom wants. OK, I want to, but Mom wants even more than I do.


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