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Holy Crap! The Earth Moved!
Minding my own business here with my foot propped against my desk and it starts vibrating. I thought I was having a stroke. Take away the foot. Still vibrating. Then the whole building...the lights flicker...the building shakes...WTF! I've slept through earthquakes before, but never felt one. Not even when I did six days in California, not even a tremor. I'm thinking this was at least a 5. We'll find out soon...

But holy crap!

PS Irene, dear, you have been upstaged.

ETA Got a call from an attorney in Michigan - they felt it there!

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Apparently it was a 5.8, according to the news. Good call!

5.9, epicenter Mineral, VA - rattled us here in Philly area!

I looked up Mineral on Mapquest...the nearest towns to it are Cuckoo and Bumpass. The 8yo boy in me is ecstatic.

I didn't know what I was feeling til I saw the news a few minutes later. I was outside! Glad you're okay.

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